Diamond Maintenance (Port Dover Minor Baseball)

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Diamond Maintenance

It is important to maintain the quality of the clay surface to ensure good quality games.

It is the responsibility of the last team on the diamond in any day to ensure that the clay is dragged and generally tidied up ready for the next team. Not only does this make it easier for the next team, but it also fills holes that rain will collect in and possibly place us in a position that games and practices must be cancelled.

Once a week the Diamond Manager will ensure that the diamond is properly cut, rolled, and dressed, and more frequently immediately prior to and during a tournament.

It is essential that persons do not go onto the infield clay if it is wet as large footprints are left that are difficult to properly repair. These footprints can be responsible for balls kicking up during games, possibly causing injury.

The website is used, when practical to inform people of the condition of the diamond, so we encourage players and coaches to visit our website for this information

When all is OK on the diamond and ready for use you will see an Alert at the top of the page: 



Quite often after a lot of rain, water must be taken off the diamond to allow the clay to dry , however during large storms the outfield will also flood. The diamond is closed, and no-one should go onto the clay for any reason. The flooded outfield will also cause the whole diamond to be closed. You will see an alert something like this:


When a storm has flooded the infield but not the outfield, again no-one should go on the clay infield, however, practices can take place in the outfield. You will see an alert something like this:


If everyone adheres to these rules, then everyone benefits

Have a great Season