Fall & Winter Training 2023/24 (Port Dover Minor Baseball)

PrintFall & Winter Training 2023/24

ALL PERSONS PARTICIPATING IN Fall & Winter Training 2023/24 MUST complete the registration form to allow attendance to any Winter or Fall Ball Practice whether such practices are held in or outdoors. This will allow our Organisation to safely monitor attendance and comply with Insurance requirements.

Practices will be held outdoors at Misner park diamond when possible,  weather permitting. All participants in the gym will wear indoor trainers. There are no charges for these practices. 

As you complete Registration you will be asked to acknowledge and agree several sections including:

A Covid 19 Waiver - Click here to see before registering

An Informed Consent and Assumption of Risk Agreement - Click here to see before registering

Rowans law - Click here to see before registering

The Form will ask you to complete an Electronic Signature section. Completion of this section and submission of the form is an acknowledgement and agreement to all contents of the registration, including all Waivers, Codes and Agreements contained and linked therein.

Click here to Register for Fall & Winter Training 2023/24