Release Request (Port Dover Minor Baseball)

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Port Dover Minor Baseball wish to retain as many ball players as possible as this will allow us to develop players and teams to compete well with other Associations. Port Dover has a long history of Championship winning teams and will compete well in future games.

Many people think that by going to a bigger centre is playing better ball. This has been proven wrong by Port Dover on many occasions where our Inter county teams have beaten A, AA and AAA teams and won Inter county Championships.

Releases are governed by the OBA, Southern Counties and Port Dover Minor Baseball Association. Southern Counties Baseball Association Constitution governs Residency and Release policies for release requests outside of the Southern Counties Borders. Port Dover Minor Baseball Constitution governs internal Permission to Practice (Local to Local Association within Southern Counties) and Release to locals outside of the Southern Counties Borders.  Click here for Port Dover Minor Baseball Constitution

If having read the information on releases (to a local outside of the Southern Counties Borders)  and you still want to request a release please complete our Player Release request form. We will need the name of the Team that you are intending to go to, as the decision making process includes looking at the distance from your home and classification of the team specified, amongst other factors.

Click here for the Player Release Request Form