Basic Tips (Port Dover Minor Baseball)

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Baseball stance: be ready when the ball is thrown.
Be alert to prevent getting hit with a ball or a runner on base
Talk to your team-mates such as # of outs; who’s got the base etc.
Encourage your team-mates in the field or up to bat


When in the field, always know what to do when the next batter comes to the plate.
How many outs are there?
Is anyone on base? If so, is it a force or is it a check to go to first?
What do “I Do” if the ball is hit to me? Remember above!
What do “I Do” if the ball is NOT hit to me? Go to my base if I am in the infield? Back up a base in the case of an o
verthrow if I am in the field?


Know your batting order and be ready.
If you can, simulate hitting the ball by watching the batter ahead of you when they are batting.
Remember, keep your eye on the ball, step towards the pitcher slightly when you swing, swing level through the ball, and follow through.
Any contact with the ball, run right through first unless the base coach tells you to round and go to 2nd.


Run as fast as you can from base to base.
When the ball is hit determine if it is a grounder or a pop fly.
f on the ground and you are not forced to the next base, make sure you are not going to be tagged out! Go back to your base and be Safe.
If it is a pop fly, then go ½ way to the next base or as far as you can so that you can either get to the next base if it is dropped or get back to your previous base if the ball is caught.


Stay Alert      Be Safe      Work Hard        Have Fun