Coach Requirements Overview (Port Dover Minor Baseball)

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Overview of Coaching Requirements

All House league Coaches:

Do NOT require any coaching courses to coach Baseball teams in Southern Counties area.

However, Port Dover Minor Baseball recognise the benefits of OBA regulated courses and will support House league coaches that want to qualify as OBA coaches. To this end Port Dover Minor Baseball will pay for courses for House league Coaches

All REP Team Coaches

It is a an OBA mandatory requirement for all coaches on REP teams to have attended and passed the required OBA recognised courses before being allowed on an OBA Roster.

No person is allowed to coach Rep players or to be on the bench during games unless they are on an official OBA Roster. Any Rep team playing in an OBA sanctioned game that does not have an OBA rostered coach on the bench will forfeit the game (OBA RP 2.4 Paragraph E). Non-compliance of the OBA rules can result in further sanctions being applied.

Port Dover Minor Baseball will pay for all required courses by all Rep team Coaches on their teams

The Value of these courses cannot be understated.


(OBA RP 2.5)- States:

In all OBA sanctioned games in all Rep Series all team personnel including the Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches must be in complete baseball uniform, which consists of:

Corresponding tops and Jerseys with numbers

Corresponding (similar) baseball caps

Baseball pants (No Shorts)

Corresponding stirrup or baseball socks

The exception to this rule is QUALIFIED first aiders who can be on the bench without uniform, providing they are on the TEAMS OBA ROSTER. First Aiders are not allowed to Coach or Challenge Umpire Decisions. Penalty - ejection from the bench.
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