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    Created: Mar 30, 2020 7:33 AM, Updated: May 02, 2020 10:36 PM
    A collection of Documents from the Website
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    Baseball Rules of Canada
    Variations of the MLB rules specific to Canada
    590 KB
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    Bantam Rep 2011 OBA D Champions
    The story of the 2011 Bantam Rep team winning the Bantam D OBA Championship
    81.9 KB
  • .pdf
    2011 Bantam Rep Brantford Champions
    Story of the 2011 Bantam Rep winning the Brantford Open Championship
    75.4 KB
  • .pdf
    Covid 19 Handwashing
    Diagram showing correct hand wash procedures
    306 KB
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    Emergency Plan Misner Park
    Describes Roles and locations of park and nearest Hospital, together with advice on injuries
    107 KB
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    Ground Rules Misner Park - General
    Ground rules for Harry Misner Park Port Dover for all games except OBA provincial championships
    43.5 KB
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    Ground Rules Misner Park OBA
    Ground rules for Harry Misner Park Port Dover specific to OBA Championship finals
    40.1 KB
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    Heat Related Illness
    Information on Heat Exhaustion etc
    46.8 KB
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    Insurance Program
    Details and cover of the Insurance cover
    169 KB
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    Insurance Injury Report
    If a member player/coach/umpire sustains an injury it must be reported to us within 30 days. Please use this form
    111 KB
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    Junior Clippers Provincial A Champions 2016
    Story of the Port Dover Junior Clippers OBA Provincial A Championship 2016. 5 games in one day to secure the win
    57.3 KB
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    Junior Intercounty Champions 2016
    Story of the Port Dover Junior Clippers winning the Intercounty Championship 2016
    42.6 KB
  • .pdf
    Mosquito Playing Rules
    123 KB
  • .pdf
    MLB Official Rules of Baseball
    2019 Complete Rules of Baseball from Major League Baseball
    860 KB
  • .pdf
    2013 Midget Wins Intercounty Championship
    Story of the Championship
    58.3 KB
  • .pdf
    OBA Constitution 2020
    On line Constitution and rules for Ontario Baseball Association 2020
    845 KB
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    OBA Pitch Tracking Sheet
    To be used by Manual pitch counting at all games that require pitch counting. Print and use
    107 KB
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    OBA Field Dimensions
    176 KB
  • .pdf
    PDMBA Constitution
    The Constitution outlines the vision and structure of the Organisation
    213 KB
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    PDMBA Police Check Policy
    This policy describes the need for Police Checks and its process
    55.4 KB
  • .pdf
    PDMBA Team Policy
    Port Dover Minor Baseball rules in regard to Teams
    96.7 KB
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    Sport Accident Claim Form
    To be completed in the event of a sport Accident injury Claim
    169 KB