Fred Bridgwater Nomination (Port Dover Minor Baseball)

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Head Coaches of teams should submit their ONE nomination per team for this award. Nominations should be submitted no later than the last week of July to allow for Nominee Trophies to be purchased and the Main Award to get the name stamp in time for the Award Ceremonies

Criteria for the Fred Bridgwater nomination.

This person must be the member of your team that you feel has:

  • Contributed the most during the season as far as their attitude towards other team members
  • Supportive and vocal in their encouragement of team members
  • Played consistently well
  • Supported the coaching staff
  • Been fun to play with

The Player is not necessarily the Most Valuable Player per say, it is the best all round player with the following attributes:

  • Dedicated
  • Hard worker
  • Great attitude on and off the field to coaches and teammates
  • Team player
  • Punctual to games and/or practices
  • Always does what's best for the team
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