Police Check (Port Dover Minor Baseball)

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It is a requirement of our Association that all Coaches and persons directly involved with players, obtain a Police Check in compliance with the PDMBA_Police_Check_Policy.

If you have a current police check (Within the last 5 years) please provide a copy to our police check Manager 
(Sarah Legault email: [email protected]). 

Those persons with current police checks are required to submit an annual declaration that their Police check result has not varied over that period. Please complete the form online Police Check declaration.

If you do not have a current police check then you must arrange to obtain one as soon as possible.

As we are a non profit organisation we can provide you with a document that allows free Police checks to be carried out. To obtain this document please complete the online form PDMBA Police Check

The website will email you a copy of the document on submission of the form. Take this document to the police station with 2 items of identification and complete their police check application form.

Thank You