PDMBA Police Check Letter to Police (Port Dover Minor Baseball)

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This form produces an email letter to take to the local police station to carry out your police check


    Request To Check Pardoned Sexual Offender Data Base

    Re Volunteer Police Record Check

    This memo will serve to acknowledge that the applicant named on this request for a Police Record Check is a volunteer with the Port Dover Minor Baseball Association.The applicant understands that they will be required to provide two (2) pieces of identification and be asked to complete your ‘Consent to Disclosure of Personal Information Form’.

    As the authorised representative of a person or organisation that is responsible for the well being of one or more children or vulnerable persons as defined in ‘Section 6.3(1) of the Criminal Records Act (Act)’, I hereby request that the Ontario Provincial Police conduct a search Pursuant to Section 6.3 of the Act with respect to the following individuals and/or positions:

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  6. The Port Dover Minor Baseball Association agrees to hold all requested information in confidence.

    Authorised by:   The President of Port Dover Minor Baseball Association

    Signature      PresidentPdmba

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