Bracket & Rules, Bantam Rep SCBA 2021 Tourny, Tourn (Port Dover Minor Baseball)

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Tournament Schedule can be found by clicking here 

Tournament Organiser is : Liz Dadds  
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Website Manager is : Chris Dadds      Contact details

Convener Is : Rob Webster


No Time Limits all games 7 Innings

Scoring carried out by Home Team

Pitch Count carried out by Away Team

The Tournament will follow OBA Rules Click Here

OBA Mercy Rule applies

18 Runs Clear after 3 Innings
15 Runs Clear after 4 Innings
10 Runs Clear after 5 Innings
10 Runs Clear after 6 Innings

OBA Mercy Rule
g) In all OBA games an 18 run mercy rule will apply after 3 innings or 15 runs after 4 innings. A 10 run mercy rule will  also apply after 5 innings or any subsequent inning thereafter. If the home team leads after the top half of any  such inning, the game shall be considered a mercy and the home team will not bat.

There will be a Coin Toss for Home Team Advantage for each game.

The Team Travelling the Furthest Will Call the Toss.

Where teams have the same travelling distance the toss will be called by the highest of the two in the standings at the start of the tournament

Teams have to be prepared to play any rain affected games on Monday September 6th


We have been very fortunate to have a baseball season this year, however COVID19 is still very much with us, and the following protocols will have to be followed by Coaches, Players and Parents during this tournament.

  1. Ensure that your players and Assistant Coaches are sanitizing their hands after every innings.  Hand sanitising machines will be provided.
  2. Players use the wooden bleachers only.
  3. Dug outs are not in use except for Coaches.
  4. Players are not allowed seeds as this invokes spitting. 
  5. 2m social distancing to be observed.  If this cannot be observed, then masks are required.
  6. Supporters to remain in their respective areas.  Signs directing home teams/parents and visiting team/parents to their areas are at the diamond.
  7. Players to leave the diamond area immediately after the completion of the game.  Coaches’ meetings can be held amongst the trees.

Bantam SCBA 2021 Seedings

Seed 1 = Caledonia Bears

Seed 2 = Tillsonburg Otters J

Seed 3 = Tillsonburg Otters C

Seed 4 = Aylmer Pirates

Seed 5 = Simcoe Giants

Seed 6 = Port Dover Sailors


All Games at Misner Park Port Dover


Round 1: Seedings from Standings see bracket above
Round 2: L2 plays L3. W3 plays L1. W1 plays W2.
Note: After Round 2, if W5 is undefeated, only 4 teams will remain. Use Bracket A. However, if W3 loses G5, there will be 5 teams remaining. Use Bracket B.
Bracket A Schedule:
Round 3: L4 and L5 have been eliminated. W4 plays L6. W5 plays W6.
L7 has been eliminated. Only 3 teams remain, 1 is undefeated with a (3-0) record. The undefeated team automatically receives the bye. L8 plays W7.
Round 4:
Round 5: W9 plays W8.
Round 6: If necessary, there will be a sudden death championship game.
Bracket B Schedule:
Round 3: L4 has been eliminated. 5 teams remain, 1 is undefeated. The undefeated team (W6) receives the bye. Match the 4 remaining teams, avoiding previous match-ups if possible. Where avoiding previous match-ups is not possible, a draw shall be held to determine pairings.
Round 4: L7 and L8 have been eliminated. 3 teams remain, 1 is undefeated. W7 and W8 draw for the bye. The draw loser plays W6.
Round 5: 2 or 3 teams remain. If 2 teams remain, W9 plays the bye team. If 3 teams remain, W9 receives the bye and L9 plays the Round 4 bye team.
Round 6: If necessary, there will be a sudden death championship game.
**Note: Please refer to Section P5 of the Baseball Ontario Constitution regarding rules for Byes.